The trigger driven by internal or external cues, informs the user of what to do next, if the user doesn’t take action then the trigger is useless.
To initiate action, doing must be easier than thinking.
A habit is a behaviour done with little or no conscious thought.
The more effort – either physical or mental – required to perform the desired action, the less likely it is to occur.
The action is the simplest behaviour in anticipation of reward

Fogg, Director of the Persuasive Technology Lab points that there are three ingredients required to initiated any action:

  • the user must have sufficient motivation
  • the user must have the ability to complete the desired action
  • a trigger must be present to activate the behaviour

Given behaviour will occur when motivation, ability and a trigger are present at the same time and in sufficient degrees. To increase the desired behaviour, ensure a clear trigger is present, next, increase ability by making the action easier to do, finally, align with the right motivator.

Motivation is the energy of actions (self-determination theory)
Fogg states all humans are motivated to seek pleasure and avoid pain, seek hope and avoid fear, seek social acceptance and avoid rejection.

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Motivation, Ability and Trigger